Drone Platform

Flight speed (㎞/h) More than 50 Windage resistance (m/sec) More than 14
Dustproof and waterproof grade IP43 Flight hours (min) More than 20
Operation radius (㎞) More than 2 Battery weight (㎏) 2.5
Landing accuracy (㎝) 95% in 30 (RTK GPS applied) Mission equipment FHD Camera Infrared thermal camera (FLIR)
Drone weight (kg) 3.5 (payload excluded) Drone shape Quad, 700×700×500

MetaRPAS supplies the RTK GPS based drone that has a sliding-type battery, IP43, 14m/sec of wind-resistance in order for the inspection of large facilities.

Drone Platform

MetaRPAS applies drones to overall industries in order to analyze the state and defects of large facilities, and to provide such services, high-precision drone & location measurement, computer vision & AI based analysis, and cloud based applications.
We supply a platform in which everyone can easily use drone data anywhere in overall industries, and supports the business for changing the way of collecting, analyzing, and managing data with the use of drones.

Technology & Solutions

MetaRPAS does the best to develop the technologies and solutions for Drone Station, Realtime Smart Device, Secure Cloud Platform, Deep Learning AI Package, Automated Precision Flying Drone in order to supply a drone platform that contributes to expanding the application of drones to overall industries.

Application to diverse areas

01. Mobile Drone Station

  • Water portable station
  • Automatic takeoff & landing
  • Automatic battery replacement
  • Precise landing & return from mission

02. Realtime Smart Device

  • Real-time sensor
  • Multi-functional vision sensor
  • Lidar
  • Cameras

03. Secure Cloud Platform

  • Image & Video content management
  • Cloud environment
  • User workflow
  • Insight & Report

04. Deep Learning AI Package

  • On-board / Back-end AI
  • Realtime object detection & tracking
  • Drone collision avoidance
  • Automatic flight control

05. Automated Precision Flying Drone

  • Automatic high-precision flight drone
  • Real-time transmission of cloud data